• Where is AllStar Deals based?

    AllStar Deals is based in New York City, right in the heart of the Flatiron district. 

  • Why should my business, client or organization work with you?

    Most marketing, advertising and sponsorship agencies require an upfront fee and then have a difficult time demonstrating sales after the fact. From an ROI perspective, this is a nightmare for any planner or account manager. Instead of wasting money on advertising and sponsorship opportunities that can't deliver any demonstration of proven returns, our partners can track the purchase of every customer they advertise to. We also charge nothing upfront and work on a rev share model that makes sure to pay our partners on all the sales they generate.

  • How can I add my business to your platform?

    Adding your business/brand, organization or celebrity to our platform is actually incredibly easy. Simply click the Contact Us link in the header or reach out to us directly here. We will respond to you quickly and help you get set up to begin a campaign. 

  • How is AllStar Deals funded?

    AllStar Deals is funded by a network of high net worth individual investors. The series A funding round was closed in the Fall of 2013. 

  • What services do you offer?

    AllStar Deals has a three-prong approach to achieving success for our clients: Targeting, Marketing and Reporting. Our targeting strategies consist of statistically driven models based on data from social media and digital news sources to provide and identify the best opportunities for you. Next, our marketing suite is comprised of several e-commerce tools and apps enhanced by data leveraging which utilizes traditional channels and new technology through social media. Lastly, our reporting capabilities provide instant response on success rate of any given promotion, media value achieved, ROI generated and customer sentiment (the tone surrounding a topic of conversation) by segment and audience.  

  • What separates AllStar Deals from the competition?

    In our effort to become the leading marketplace for entertainment and sports industry stars, we recognize that detailed consumer analytics is of the utmost importance. Our campaigns are powered under an exclusive commercial license for our industry.  

    AllStar Deals' integration of our analytic technology makes our company smarter and creates a major barrier to entry for competitors. With this technology, we are able to evaluate 75 million sources each day - 1 billion media topics to date. This deep dive analysis allows us to stay on top of crucial social metrics, and ultimately, ahead of the competition. 

  • Does AllStar Deals strictly live on the Internet?

    While AllStar Deals is native to the Internet, our marketing suite allows us to take your campaigns to live events, television and even radio with our action #hashtags. With our custom-made #hashtags, consumers can tweet from anywhere to receive e-gifts, branded products or make purchases.