About Us

AllStar Deals is a premium publisher network for celebrity-endorsed social commerce. 

Our vision is to redefine and to lead the way that brands reach their desired consumers through social media and other digital channels: by using celebrities as distribution partners. Our goal is to fundamentally increase efficiency of reach (breadth & depth) of branded products. 

We believe that brands can make richer connections to consumers by leveraging social commerce. To accomplish this, we have a three pronged technology suite that includes deep consumer data analytics for targeting, integrated multi-channel campaign management for distribution and real time reporting. 

Founded in 2011 by a team of proven entrepreneurs, AllStar Deals has partnered with top brands, talent agencies, media networks and vendors. 

What have we built to date?

-- Large and growing market of celebrities from top talent agencies nationwide
-- Proven management, technology, design, and marketing team
-- Unique product suite with multiple e-commerce applications
-- Deep, real-time analysis of over 75MM consumer data sources, daily
-- 6x average conversion rate for social media promo code campaigns, yielding a 600% ROI to brands
-- Over $80MM merchant gift inventory, with massive pipeline in progress



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Company Info

Company Address: 150 5th Avenue, 4th Floor New York, NY 10010

Company Phone/Fax:

(O) 240-876-5388 (F) 443-431-2508